It's hard to keep siblings together when they're thrust into the system, but today's Wednesday's Child is a shining example of foster parents fighting to keep two brothers and a sister together.

This will be our third time featuring Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon; and it was the best one yet with a moment you won't forget.

The will to overcome runs deep in Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon. Their foster dad, who they affectionately call Papa, sees their determination daily.

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“God's got a place for these kids," said Greg Green. "We've been so blessed to be a part of their lives. They are extraordinary kids."

They're remarkable kids who lost their minds during a tour of the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium.

When asked if he could believe he was standing on the field, 12 year-old Clee said, 'yes,' before quickly correcting himself with an emphatic “no!”

Clee's an aspiring professional football player. His 10-year-old sister, Ashanti, and 7 year-old brother, Kaveon, have been in foster care more than half their lives. Yet, they dance, sing and pray.

Ashanti shared her special prayer with us. It goes like this:

“Thank you Father for everything that you've done. I wish you would give us a family. One day we'll have our own family. Amen."

We first featured Kaveon, Ashanti and Clee in 2015 at the Dallas World Aquarium and then again last year at the State Fair of Texas.

Kaveon loves to dance just like his brother Clee. The boys have got some moves.

"I love them very much," said Kaveon about his siblings.

Ashanti has the voice of an angel. She said she sings to make herself happy when she’s sad. Her favorite song to belt out? "All of Me" by John Legend.

She sang it for us and melted our hearts.

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Ashanti and her brothers are smart and talented.

And every time we’ve met, the siblings talk about their special bond.

“Because we don't want to be apart and I love them," said big brother Clee.

In a system where siblings often get separated, Kaveon, Ashanti and Clee have foster parents who are fighting for them to stay together.

“These guys came from a very hard place," Green said. "And to have the joy that they have and the love of life that these kids have is just amazing."

Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon depend on each other to survive and thrive.

All they need now is a rock star family to love all of them.