By age eight, many children begin to get a sense of their own place in the world and start developing opinions of their own.

Today's Wednesday's Child is also 8-years-old, but unlike most children his age, he needs parents to help him like they would a toddler.

Robbie has special needs and requires parents with a special calling. Whether he’s getting spun or playing peek-a-boo, 8-year-old Robbie always wants to play.

The supervisor in charge of his case says he is always the highlight of her day.

"I think Robbie is very adoptable,” said Brittani Griffin. “I think he is loveable. He wants that one-on-one interaction, and I think he would be great fitting into a perfect family."

Robbie came into the foster care system because of medical neglect. On occasion, he will say words, but mainly he speaks with his eyes.

“He says a few words, but he does not initiate spoken words. We kind of have to get him going. He calls his aide's name. He says Nana," said Griffin.

Highly affectionate and on the autism spectrum, Robbie is good at communicating his needs. He simply takes you by the hand and goes.

"Anytime I can get to come to the home, he automatically will grab both my hands, and we'll always clap. And he always wants to hug. He's one of the reasons I always look forward to going to the home," said Griffin about visiting Robbie’s foster home.

Robbie needs patient parents who will learn to communicate with him and see the worth of raising a child so easy to love.

"I hope that he can find a forever family and someone that can love him forever so he can get out of the system," Griffin said.

WFAA and Child Protective Services partner to spotlight these children in hopes that one day a child's wish of a "forever family" will come true.