When asked to describe what foster care is like, many children will often answer bad and good, largely depending on their foster parents.

Today's Wednesday's Child described it as a rollercoaster and then he said something tragic. I hope it leads one of you to adopt this child because if anyone needs love, it's my new friend Brandon.

Brandon, 15, has always had a connection with animals, which is why HEAL Veterinary Hospital in Dallas invited Brandon to come shadow workers for a day. "I love animals. Horses, cows, dogs. You name it. I love them," he says smiling brightly.

Brandon relates to animals because he says when you've been in foster care as long as he has, it begins to feel like you're in a cage. Brandon has grown up in foster care.

"I've been in foster care since I was two years old," he says.

His entire life, Brandon has had to trust a revolving door of strangers to give him a bath, send him off to school and raise him.

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You can understand why he told WFAA this.

"I kind of sometimes wish I can trade places with an animal," he says.

Brandon is extremely intelligent with a personality that melts your heart. Like anyone in need of love and family, Brandon just wants to go home.

“I would love for somebody to fall head over heels for me," he says about finding an adoptive home.

Brandon carries around two pictures of himself from when he was little as a daily reminder that he's a survivor.

"I've been in foster care for a long time,” he says about being in the system almost 14 years. It makes him feel sad and angry, yet forgiving.

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Brandon is thankful to God for his life and is beyond grateful for every ounce of attention and affection he receives.

He asked for a hug from his CPS caseworker. It was a tearful embrace with a teenager who asks for so little.

In a perfect world, Brandon would wake up to a forever family tomorrow morning, preferably with a house full of love and dogs.

"Just need somebody that'll love me, take care of me. Come to me when I need them. Just someone who can be there for me when I need comfort and someone I can be there for when they need comfort," he said.

Please send all approved home studies to La Queena Warren at the email address below, if you’re already licensed. Please remember to include the child or children’s names within the subject line. If you’re not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact 817-304-1272.