Today's Wednesday's Child has been in foster care three years, yet his concern is not for himself, but rather the homeless. Johnathan, 13, wants to be a boxing champion one day, but he's already a champion for the poor.

Boxing helps 13-year-old Johnathan to relax.

“Keeps me calm," he said while boxing at Maple Ave Boxing and Fitness in Dallas.

Local boxing champion Maurice "Mighty Mo" Hooker helped Johnathan both inside and outside the boxing ring.

“Gotta stay positive in life," Mighty Mo told Johnathan.

Johnathan came into foster care when he was 10. He's been in three foster homes in the last three years. Yet, all the jabs along the way have only fueled him to have a kinder heart.

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“I like helping out people," he said.

Johnathan's Court Appointed Special Advocate says one day she took him out for lunch. When he saw a homeless man, Johnathan gave him the only food he had.

“I just look at it as we all family," he said.

Johnathan has a tender heart. He’s also a very intelligent and a good listener. He pays close attention in class, especially Math class. He enjoys working with numbers. Johnathan also studies scripture to help guide him.

"Whatever God gives me, I'm going to take it," he said when talking about a forever family.

Johnathan wants a mother and father who keep him safe. “Make sure I wake up and have food and clothes and a roof over my head," he said.

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Johnathan wants love because it's what he gives, especially to those who need it. "I help people," he said.

This champion for the poor has a message for anyone watching this story from a shelter.

"Hang on. Anything is possible. You're in a shelter now, you can be in a mansion later. Hang on," he said.

A special message from a brave young man, who needs a loving home himself.

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