Today's Wednesday's Child is very intelligent and inquisitive. Thirteen-year-old Devante likes to observe people and situations.

It's no surprise Devante wants to be an attorney and has set the bar high for college. More importantly, Devante wants a family who cares about him.

Devante got to see firsthand how a lawyer helps people in need. He got to witness attorney Philip Mitchell in action behind the scenes.

“Everyone says I like to argue my case a lot, so they say lawyer would be a good fit for me," Devante says.

The teen was able to listen, relate and even offer perspective about the client's case, a rare opportunity for a 13-year-old.

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"So he blindsided you, basically?" Devante said about the client’s car crash.

Devante has a lot of insight despite the instability in his life. He's been in foster care for almost five years.

"It's kind of hard. Just being able to adapt to that situation at the time," he said.

Devante added that moving from foster home to foster home is tough sometimes. He's done it four times this year, but he smiles knowing it's an opportunity for a new beginning.

The desire of having a permanent family is always there. “Being able to get the one-on-one attention whenever I need it," he said about having a family.

Devante is charming and outgoing. He says his school counselor has put him in leadership classes because of his ambitions.

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When asked where he wants to attend college, he confidently answered Harvard. Devante wants to soar with a forever family by his side.

He wants parents that really care about him. The kind who will simply sit and talk with him at night.

“Just focusing on my problems, listening to me and just paying attention to me," he said.

Just like Devante hopes to one day help people in need, his hope today is that someone will feel the need in his heart to be their son.

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