It takes a pretty special child to smile through some of the most trying times of their life. We meet a young man who's done that.

His name is G-Quantavius, but he keeps things simple and prefers you call him "GQ." With a smile, this quiet boy opened up recently about losing a parent and keeping his faith in God.

Eleven-year-old G.Q. has a warmth that radiates a room. When our WFAA crew met GQ at Sea Life Grapevine, he greeted everyone with a big smile and gave WFAA's Cynthia Izaguirre a hug.

This young man makes others feel special simply by being himself. He's also willing to take risks, like holding a big lizard for the first time.

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GQ likes to stay busy. Whether it's helping with chores or playing sports, he uses activities to keep his mind relaxed.

"I like football because it calms me down, and it helps me get over my nerves," he said.

When GQ is playing football or basketball, he doesn't worry about being in foster care. It's been a year and a half since Child Protective Services says his mother abandoned him. GQ still dreams about her.

"She gave me kisses [in the dream.] She gave me hugs, and she just hugged me like this," he said.

It's a heart-crushing situation, yet GQ courageously faces each day with a determination to overcome. He works hard at school and recently aced a multiplication test.

"I studied hard," he said.

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Some people might lose their faith after getting abandoned by their own parent. For GQ, his faith made him stronger.

"I already got strength. 100 percent," he said. When asked what makes him strong he answered, "Because I got God by my side."

With God and the hope of loving parents to adopt him, GQ will keep on smiling and spreading love wherever he is.

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