WFAA (ALLEN) -- Three years ago, the energy and the amount of volunteers were high. In the weeks and months following Christina Morris’ disappearance on August 30, 2014, search parties met in the Allen High School parking lot every Saturday before going out to search remote areas.

However, as time went by, as searches turned up nothing, and as a man was sentenced to life in prison for her kidnapping, the number of volunteers dwindled.

But they never completely stopped.

“There is a core group that is so dedicated and so loyal,” said Anna Morris, Christina’s stepmother. “They are our biggest strength.”

The Allen High School parking lot is still the place where they convene most every Saturday to keep searching areas where they have not yet looked. They hope this coming weekend, there might be a little more help.

Christina’s 26th birthday is on Tuesday and although it is the third she had not been able to celebrate, Anna Morris said it is a chance to celebrate her by re-energizing the search to find her. The Help Find Christina Morris Facebook Page is asking members to change their profile picture to a picture of Christina.

“The most important aspect of this is people that may never have seen her face will see it on Facebook feeds and ask the question ‘Who is that girl?”

Last year, Enrique Arochi was sentenced to life after Christina’s DNA was found in his car and proved to be the key piece of evidence. But the verdict still yielded no new leads on what ultimately happened to her.

Anna’s car is always covered by pictures, hashtags, and magnets urging people to “#FindChristina.” Even though the searches have been kept alive for three years, Anna hopes Arochi will one day decide to reveal the information they have all been waiting to hear.

“That is what I pray for every day,” Anna said. “That is honestly our best shot. That is our best lead if he would give it to us.”

In the meantime, birthdays and anniversary dates are the best opportunities to remind everyone to keep searching. Anna wants owners of large parcels of land to help out by taking the time to double-check or think back to anything strange which might have happened on their land three years ago.

Friends have also created “random acts of kindness” cards with Christina’s picture on them. To celebrate Christina’s birthday, they plan on doing something nice for strangers in honor of Christina while telling them about her story and the search to find her.