They say it takes it a village.

On Wednesday, a group of volunteers came together to help a neighbor in need with a special delivery, including a new refrigerator and grocery carts full of food, both compliments of central market.

“Anytime I see someone in need of food, particularly children, that just grabs me,” said Mabrie Jackson, spokeswoman for Central Market. “Not one person should ever go hungry in North Texas.”

The fridge and food was heading to southern Dallas to the home of Bobby Higgs, who left a longtime career in television production after glaucoma left him nearly blind.

“If I could save my sight, I could save the family. Well, I saved a piece of my sight, not very much,” he said. “It’s a little scary, a lot.”

Unable to work, Higgs struggles to feed the two growing grandsons he’s raising. He gets help from the North Texas Food Bank and Meals On Wheels.

Then as luck would have it, his refrigerator of 20 years quit working – no fridge, no food.

“I wasn’t really quite sure what we were gonna do,” Higgs said.

When Cara Mendlesohn at the nonprofit Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas heard about Higgs’ situation, she turned to social media. Within a few days she had everything set up to help.

“When you see a family and they’re managing somehow with coolers and bags of ice in the Dallas 100-degree heat,” Mendlesohn said. “To be able to bring a new fridge, it’s life changing, and we’re happy to be a part of that, that’s a win for us.”

Higgs, listening to his grandchildren call out the groceries, said he was moved by the generosity.

“I could never find words the gratitude,” he said. “If you persist, it will work out.”