Nearly four days after Kaytlynn Cargill went missing, and two days after her body was discovered in a nearby landfill, the Bedford police chief publicly addressed the case that has a community gripped by fear.

"We are working diligently and tirelessly on a resolution to this senseless loss," says Chief Jeff Gibson.

Friday, Gibson laid out the timeline of his department's response to Cargill's disappearance, saying they began working on the case as soon as her parents reported it. He says his department put out the information on social media, as well as a local alert system. Gibson says police did not initiate an AMBER Alert because her case did not meet the strict criteria, explaining that her family suspected she might be with a friend in her apartment complex.

"We had no information that indicated Kaytlynn was abducted or kidnapped," Gibson says.

But Gibson, without elaborating, went on to say they do not believe people are in danger.

"We are still waiting for cause of death, but all of our information that’s coming in through investigative teams does not indicate a further risk to our community," he says.

Johnny Rock, who lives adjacent to the dog park where Kaytlynn was last seen, says he was not comforted by the chief's words in any way.

"The fact that a 14-year-old little girl went missing and was found dead in a landfill has given alarm to a lot of the families around here," Rock says.

Rock has noticed children are no longer playing outside at the complex, or visiting the pool. Typically, the sounds of children playing resonate through the complex. He's not letting his daughter go outside, either.

"I mean, with the continued police presence, I'm not scared, but I am definitely concerned," he says.

Bedford resident Chrystal Riddell showed up at the press conference Friday for the same reason: concern, which she still has.

"No, I'm not going to rest on my laurels and sit back and feel better after what I just saw," says Riddell, the mother of two.

Police still cannot say whether they believe Kaytlynn was killed. They have no suspects, but continue to interview anyone who may have information about the case.

Kaytlynn's family has asked for privacy. Funeral arrangements were not immediately known.