There is a lot of heavy equipment and quite a few contractors coming around Strain Court in Lancaster these days.

Beatrice Stevenson, 82, could not be more pleased.

”It’s just been a blessing,” Stevenson said as she looked at workers moving supplies in and out of her home.

It is becoming a blessing with a lot of moving parts. A large group of volunteers and good Samaritans are working behind the scenes to get Stevenson’s home repaired.

“We technically started to rebuild her house from the frame up,“ said Ernest Walker of 411 Mag Ministries.

We first met Mrs. Stevenson several weeks ago. She was desperate for help after recently moving back into her house.

The place was left in shambles by contractors who were paid but failed to finish repairs after a tornado damaged the home nearly six years ago.

“The pouring out of help by contractors has been amazing," Walker said. "Home Depot has pledged their assistance.”

Community organizers and a general contractor have been coordinating crews, demolishing damaged items, and re-framing the entire interior of the home. Generous donors are coming forward with flooring and appliances, too.

”I know somebody cares,” Stevenson said. “They showed that they care.”

A couple of local churches are paying for Stevenson’s stay in a hotel during renovations that are expected to take another 2-3 weeks.

“At the end of this project, her entire home will be completely renovated,” Alvin Johnson said.

Stevenson wants everyone to know she’s grateful that so many strangers have come forward to help make her house a home again.

”I just appreciate everything,” Stevenson said as she fought back tears. “They don’t have to do anything. No one does. But they do. And I just appreciate it from my heart.”