DALLAS -- Some fans say Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was one of the greatest to ever wear a Cowboys uniform. The final pass in Romo’s career was a touchdown.

“He will forever be a Cowboy as far as I’m concerned,” said Cowboys fan Dennis Hunt.

Other fans were frustrated with all the injuries that plagued his career. “Injuries have caught up with him and his age,” said Tom Elonith.

When news broke that Romo was leaving, there were fans who still believed in him, and others who were ready for a new era.

”I really dislike that Tony is leaving us, but thankful for the years of play,” said Hunt.

”I am happy Tony is leaving. I felt he was holding the Dallas Cowboys back because he kept on getting hurt,” said Cowboys fan Jaiden Sechaber

The news he was leaving football dominated sports talk radio. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported Romo’s heart was still with the Cowboys, and he didn’t want to play for another team.

“He felt the team had been taken away from him," Slater said. She says Romo did not like the thought of playing for another team.
Romo fans say they hate to see him leave without a championship but believe he is doing what is best for him.

”When it comes to your health, your family, I would rather see him walk away for a better opportunity to walk away safe and sound,” said Hunt.

Romo leaves as the Cowboys all-time leading passer and as one of the good guys. Fans say he was a man of good character, who was great on and off the field.