Faramarz Fakori can easily be described as a humble man, especially when you consider he is perfectly content with sitting on his living room floor to talk with us.

"This kind of style remind me of my home-country," he said sitting cross-legged on the living room carpet.

The Fakori family was uprooted from Afghanistan and has only been in the states for several years. They are deserving of every bit of American life when you consider Faramarz was a language translator who helped the American Army and Air Force with Farsi for nearly eight years.

"He's probably more excited about being an American than most Americans are," said Celeste Haiduk-Cox of the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat quickly connected with Faramarz' story and their five children. Habitat has a long list of people who have applied for a Habitat home, but a story like theirs rarely come around.

The family of seven, soon to be eight, currently lives in a small two bedroom apartment in McKinney.

"They are everything for me and my wife. I have lovely kids," he said.

Habitat and its volunteers are in the process of building a five-bedroom home with a lot larger than they normally build. Work had started on Saturday, and it is now just a wood frame in McKinney.

The project is in need of a serious injection of capital to make ultimately happen. Haiduk-Cox tells WFAA the project could use $30,000 for it to be complete.

Faramarz said he cried when he saw the lot and the frames go up. He said the transition to America was not easy. First, they lived in a small apartment in first New York and later found their way to Texas.

"Our feeling was that how much we are blessed from God," he said.

There is no rush for a man who has seen more in life and battle than many of us combined. "Habitat is building a needy family's broken heart," he said.

If you would like to help the family build the home they have dreamed of, you are encouraged to visit the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity website.