DALLAS (WFAA) -- There will be 32 March Madness college basketball games over the next two days. It may be difficult for most people to put off work and other obligations to watch around the clock but some men have found a way to do exactly that.

And per doctor’s orders.

Dr. Joshua Fine, a urologist with Urologist Clinics of North Texas, said the first week of the NCAA basketball tournament is a popular time for men to schedule vasectomy procedures. The surgery typically lasts about 20 minutes under anesthetic and requires a recovery time of a few days of rest, relaxation, and no strenuous physical activity.

Perfect for the guy who wants to sit on his couch and watch hoops.

“They are asked to take it easy for a couple of days and taking it easy means sitting on the couch and watching television,” said Fine.

Patients who strategically schedule the opportunity to stay home are typically already considering a vasectomy according to Fine. But because it is an elective procedure, many men choose to schedule the surgery for times convenient for viewing. Fine said the Masters golf tournament and college football bowl season are also popular times for vasectomy surgeries.

“They have an excuse. They have doctor’s orders.”

Some clinics across the country have even tried to make an event of the situation by offering promotions like free pizza or bags of frozen vegetables to help patients reduce swelling.

Even though it is a clever way to take a few days off, Fine said patients go through a consultation before their operation and should understand the permanent nature of the procedure.