A McLennan County judge denied a motion Thursday, to disqualify District Attorney, Abel Reyna, from future cases involving the bikers arrested in the Twin Peaks shootout.

According to the order, Judge Matt Johnson found that after reviewing all the evidence and arguments the motion "should be in all things and in all regards denied."

Clint Broden, the attorney for biker Matthew Clendennen, filed the motion claiming Reyna and his office overstepped their power during the investigation.

The motion also argued Reyna had a financial stake in the outcome of the trial.

Nine bikers were killed and more than 20 others injured in the shootout at the Waco restaurant on May 17, 2015.

Broden sent the following statement to Channel 6:

"Obviously we are disappointed that the Motion to Disqualify Abelino Reyna's Office in the Twin Peaks case was denied. We believe the testimony at the hearing was clear that Mr. Reyna orchestrated the arrests of the 177 motorcyclists at Twin Peaks over the considered judgment of all three assistant police chiefs on the scene. Likewise, although Mr. Reyna claimed he had an extensive discussion with Detective Chavez before Detective Chavez signed the arrest warrants, Detective Chavez denied that he even talk [sic] to Mr. Reyna that night. There is simply no way to reconcile Mr. Reyna's testimony with Detective Chavez's testimony. We expect Mr. Reyna to be one of the primary defense witnesses at trial."

"Likewise, the hearing on the motion revealed that Mr. Reyna has a tremendous personal financial interest in pursuing these prosecutions in order to avoid substantial judgements in the twenty or so civil rights cases pending against him in federal court."

"At this point, we are evaluating our next steps."

Reyna's office also put out a statement.

“These rulings are what we have always anticipated. We felt confident that Judge Johnson was going to follow the law and not be side tracked by the ridiculous dog and pony show put on by these two defense attorneys. I am thankful that we can continue to move forward on seeing that Justice is done in this case and for the citizens of McLennan County.”