MCKINNEY -- Police identified three more people who say they were sexually assaulted by an orthopedic doctor named Donald Ozumba of Allen.
The surgeon with OSSM Orthopedics originally faced two counts of sexual assault, but now four more charges have been added, according to a police spokesperson. Court documents show the victims wanted to "explain how she came in contact with Ozumba," especially after the first victims came forward.

All three patients say they "had to get undressed from the waist down." One patient even asked the nurse "if this was normal to get undressed?" According to court documents, the nurse said Ozumba had requested the patients be undressed.

Another patient recalled Ozumba's answer to that same question: "It was difficult to examine her accurately with her underwear on."

Court documents indicate that the three victims say Ozumba would touch them inappropriately under the guise of inspecting places they were injected and during ultrasounds. One said, "she felt that Ozumba was stroking her." Another patient told the detective she felt the "stroke of Ozumba's pinky in her private area."

WFAA made several attempts to reach Ozumba and his attorney. This is the last statement we received:
"We flatly deny each and every false allegation and are confident that the legal system will vindicate Dr. Ozumba. We appreciate the support from our local and global community."

There is one theme throughout all of the victim's statements, and it's how they felt after their doctor's visits. The words "uncomfortable" were represented numerous times throughout the court documents.

Police say in total, now five people have made allegations against Ozumba. McKinney police are asking for more victims to come forward.