DALLAS - Families around the state of Texas have organized lemonade stands to show their support for police officers in the wake of Thursday's deadly ambush.

In Burleson, a young boy named Charlie Argo set up a lemonade stand at his house on Saturday and family friends put the word out. Neighbors donated lemonade mix and cookies to be sold at the event, with all of the proceeds benefiting the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation.

The family was shocked by the overwhelming turnout - over $2,400 was raised to be given to the families of the fallen officers.

Charlie Argo and members of the Briaroaks Fire Department.

In Rowlett, a group of young kids set up a table outside of their home and sold Kool-Aid and brownies in their neighborhood for two days. They raised a total of $65 to also be donated to the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation.

Kids sell Kool-Aid and brownies to raise money for officers and their families in the wake of Thursday's ambush.

Take a look at the other lemonade stands from around the state:

Keller, Texas

Austin, Texas

Bexar County, Texas