LANCASTER – A new mural is connecting public safety workers and community members in a special way.

A mural, painted by artist SlowMo and couple of local teens, was unveiled outside the Crescent Medical Center at 2600 W. Pleasant Run on Wednesday.

Firefighters, police, and emergency workers who attended the unveiling said they couldn’t be more pleased having the mural as a visual sign of support.

At the Central Fire Station in Lancaster, firefighters say their days can get busy.

“Oh I love my job,” said firefighter and paramedic Sean Tamez. “It’s the best job in the world.”

Rushing to emergencies can be tough, especially working 24-hour shifts with wives and children waiting at home.

“It’s just all about people,” Tamez said. “We love helping people. We love each other.”

Young firefighters, like Tamez, say there are certain sacrifices and passions that go along with working in public safety.

That’s where the mural comes into play. The Lancaster community is honoring the men and women who work to keep the public safe, in a special way. The Crescent Medical Center commissioned a mural as a tribute to police, firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency workers.

“It was high school students who created this mural,” Kristen Jackson of Color Me Empowered explained. “I think that in a lot of ways it represents a feeling of hope.”

Jackson is the executive director of the nonprofit that works with students to create public art projects across Dallas. The organization connected local teens Maklia Slater and Elizbeth Crus with artist SlowMo to paint the mural.

Jackson says part of the mission to get teens involved in this tribute project was to help them see they have power within themselves to change their own community.

The murals are featured on the side of the hospital’s ambulance bay, outside the emergency entrance.

Assia Mahmood with Crescent Medical Center said the mural was strategically placed, and designed to show public safety workers are an integral part of the community and appreciated.

“When they come here, they know that we thank them for what they do, and they are able to see it and know that we are grateful for everything," Mahmood explained.

The mural is connecting a community. Firefighters say it is a reminder their work is appreciated.

“It’s great to see kids in the community doing things like this to build up their community,” Tamez said.