There are rare moments in the life of every city that no matter how brief, forever bind its citizens.

Ours arrived last July 7. Five officers gunned down by a single madman.

This time last year, none of us knew their names, their faces. Sadly, we soon would. Brent Thompson, Sr. Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Sgt. Michael Smith.

What happened will never be forgotten, but what have we learned from our loss? This Friday is the anniversary of that tragedy.

Every night between now and then on News 8 at 10, we will examine what, if anything, has changed.

MONDAY: Are we more or less safe?
Monday night, after the ambush, people lined up to become a Dallas cop, but with pay and pension troubles, veterans started leaving in droves. Are we more or less safe?

TUESDAY: How did we get here
A look at the long and sometimes volatile link between law enforcement and race relations in America.

WEDNESDAY: What happened to the movement?
What happened to the organizations that rallied that night to protest police treatment of minorities?

THURSDAY: Do we back the blue?
When a police tragedy happens, supportive citizens are everywhere, but do we really back the blue?

FRIDAY: Honoring the five
We will honor the memory of these five men celebrate the lives lost in one frightening spasm of hate and violence.

We owe that to them, to their families. Each night we will be encouraging you to get involved, to share your thoughts. We invite you to share your comments using #StandUnited.

Each day this week, WFAA invites you to join us for special stories, documenting a rare moment we will always remember and in standing united we pledge to never forget.