A federal judge on Thursday sentenced the last co-defendant entangled in the John Wiley Price case.

Christian Campbell, a 47-year-old former consultant, received a year and half probation and a $25,000 fine for his role funneling bribe money to the powerful Dallas County commissioner. If he pays the fine quickly, he may get his probation reduced to one year.

Campbell pleaded guilty in 2015, and he testified against Price at trial earlier this year. The jury acquitted Price of bribery.

Unfortunately for Campbell, that outcome doesn’t affect his guilty plea. However, Chief U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn noted the “odd circumstance” during his sentencing, and acknowledged his cooperative testimony, explaining her decision to impose probation.

Campbell apologized to Judge Lynn during the hearing.

“I’ve accepted responsibility,” he said. “I ignored my intuition and didn’t remove myself from a bad situation.”

Campbell admitted working with political consultant Kathy Nealy to funnel money bribe money to Price. Nealy had faced charges in the investigation, but prosecutors dismissed their case against her when jurors acquitted Price in the bribery conspiracy.

Last week, another co-defendant of Price, former art dealer Karen Manning, received a year probation and a fine for tax evasion.