An Irving man died Tuesday in Florida two days after a sand dune collapsed on him while he was on vacation with his family, his wife confirmed.

Lee Goggin, 35, had been in a medically induced coma on Monday.

Goggin's sister, Rachel Goggin, posted on Facebook about her brother's death, writing "My precious, big brother is with Jesus."

The accident happened Sunday afternoon on a beach in St. Augustine, Fla., near Jacksonville. Goggin, according to family and friends, had dug a hole into the side of a sand dune.

The tunnel was large enough for him to fit inside the hole, but the dune then collapsed.

A photo provided by family members -- who asked that the picture not be shown -- depicted Goggin, a father of three children, inside the sand dune that had a window-like hole and his two sons, ages 4 and 2, playing outside of the dune nearby.

Florida investigators told First Coast News in Jacksonville that Goggin went past a "do not enter" sign and made his way down to the beach on Sunday afternoon.

After the dune collapsed, he was flown to a hospital.

Goggin had overcome several medical challenges in his life.

He was born with a rare genetic condition that prevented him from being able to sweat. The condition led to kidney failure, and he eventually had to receive a kidney transplant from his brother, Aaron, in 2014.

Lee Goggin shared some of the perspective of that experience with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in July 2014.

"You realize what kind of sacrifice it is for him to come in and give something that is perfectly on him already to you," Goggin said.