Fred Thomas used to serve around 60 people any given Sunday. This week he reached more than 5 million and it's all because of a biscuit covered in honey and butter.

"You never know what the good lord will use to work his ways," Thomas said.

Thomas is known as "Pastor Fred" online. He's a Christian comic living in McKinney who took a leap of faith two years ago to leave his job and start his comedy career full time.

"It hasn't been easy and it hasn't always been laughs," Thomas said.

But this week one of his online videos went viral, it shows the father of two belting a gospel tune about his love for Whataburger's honey butter chicken biscuits. A few days in it has more than 5 million views on Facebook.

Thomas says laughter and faith have saved his life. He's been nearly homeless before and was abused as a child. He says he could have given up on live but religion inspired him to overcome and dream for more.

"Laughter unites us all and it makes us feel good. The bible talks about laughter being medicine," Thomas said.

When Thomas left his job at a church two years ago he says he took a 100% pay cut and put his fate in God's hands.

"A life of faith is no joke," Thomas said.

Thomas prayed that he'd reach a larger audience and spread his message of laughter, redemption and joy. He never expected God would answer that prayer with a honey butter chicken biscuit, but he says God works in mysterious ways.

"It's been amazing the messages coming into my inbox. Daughters with dads with cancer who say their father hasn't laughed for months but watching that video made them smile," Thomas said.

Thomas says he's excited about what the exposure can do for his career and his family. And he says if God can work miracles with a honey butter chicken biscuit he can't wait to see what else the good lord can do.