FORT WORTH -- Doctors stationed at the Cowtown Marathon last week helped save a man’s life — but he wasn’t there for the race.

Joel King, 56, of Joshua, was working Sunday morning at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, where his family’s business, Metro Golf Cars, had provided carts for a horse show the day before.

About 7 a.m., his hands began tingling and he grew achy and light-headed. He also began feeling a slight pressure point in his chest.

But he didn’t realize he was having a heart attack until he went by a medical tent on the property, where doctors had created a temporary emergency room for the Cowtown Marathon.

Inside the tent, Dr. Darrin D’Agostino and Dr. Jon Sivoravong — both on staff at Medical City Fort Worth and the UNT Health Science Center — put King on an electrocardiogram machine, which detected several irregularities. Then they gave him nitroglycerin and aspirin, lessening his pain.

His response to the medicine told D’Agostino one thing: “We were pretty sure it was a heart attack.”

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