As predicted, we saw the winter weather blow in Monday afternoon. The frigid air hit Cleburne like one of the freight trains that rolled through town, with snow and ice expected to follow.

Jamie Moore, the Johnson County's emergency manager, took to Twitter Monday with some novel winter weather advice he picked up while living in Colorado.

"When you live in a state where there’s winter weather more often, you find tips and tricks that kind of help you out," he said.

One of those tips? Slipping cardboard under your windshield wipes to cover the windshield.

"If it rains and sleets or ices over tonight, the cardboard will catch all that—and when you get up in the morning, all you do is pull that cardboard off, set it aside and your windshield is absolutely clean and ready to go," Moore said. He said it's something he's been doing for 20 years.

Another must from Moore? Spraying de-icer on your windows.

"It will de-ice in a matter of minutes or it'll loosen the ice up enough you can scrape it right off," he said, adding that even though we live in Texas, it's a common product for sale at stores like Auto Zone or O'Reilly's in the winter.

He said having windshield wiper fluid with anti-freeze added to it is vital, but it's not that common in Texas. The alternative? Rubbing alcohol.

"This is just regular rubbing alcohol," Moore said, showing WFAA the bottle. "Take that out, pour it into your windshield wiper fluid. The alcohol will prevent the wash from freezing overnight." He added that it won't harm your car.

Moore also said that making sure you have a blanket in the car and a full tank of gas is essential in case you get stranded on the highways should the ice be bad.

These are some ideas to get you off on the right foot, even if the weather is all sorts of wrong.

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