Carman Kelsey-Jenkins will walk to the end of the earth for her three grandchildren, but today she only has to walk about two miles.

Jenkins got up early to make the trek from her grandchildren's home to Barnett Middle School, where her 13-year-old granddaughter will attend. She did not like what she saw.

"Well, this is just a disaster waiting to happen," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says the walk, which includes crossing a highway on a ramp, is dangerous and a hazard for students who have to walk. Part of the sidewalk has been shutdown for construction and parts of the sidewalk are broken or turned up.

"It's terrifying. I mean, the main sidewalk is closed down because of construction," Jenkins said.

The districts says Jenkins' granddaughter lives 1.9 miles from the school, and it only buses families that are two or more miles away. But Jenkins says state rules allow for districts to get more busing funding when a commute is hazardous or unsafe.

"Clearly, that's what we're dealing with here," Jenkins said.

Arlington ISD says there are walkways along the commute, and surveyors went out to look at the conditions after Jenkins complained.

As of last week, the district said their decision would remain, and free busing would not be provided for Jenkins' granddaughter. However, the district did say families can apply for paid busing after school starts, which will cost $2.50 a day for a round trip.

Jenkins says the walk for any student is unsafe in her opinion, and she's called school administrators, including the superintendent.

"I still haven't heard back, so I'm assuming they're not changing their mind," Jenkins said.

The grandmother will continue to look for answers because she says the busy roadways, construction and intersections are no place for children to be walking at high traffic times.

"It's a huge liability, and I won't drop this," Jenkins said.