Carole Sturm's home looks like a food catering company that took over several times a month. It is all the food you can fit on a dining table and then some.

"It's just something that I always felt driven to do," Sturm said.

In her home, there are several dozen packed lunches ready to be placed into a car, along with many items Carole and several volunteers made from scratch.

"My goal is to just love them with my food," she said.

She is on the calendar year-round, but her message is especially significant during Ramadan. It's a time she says of spiritual renewal. It is also a time of fasting, from sun up to sun down.

"They say if all you felt was hungry, you really didn't fast," she said.

Sturm, a Muslim woman from Arlington, has been organizing meals for the Arlington Life Shelter for years. She says it started with breakfast and now also dinners.

"They know what they're getting when she comes," said Shandra Thompson with the Arlington Life Shelter.

Sturm and her friends specialize in soul food: greens, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken.

She is not tempted by the food all around her because there is a greater good: filling the bellies of families and especially children.

The people she serves are not concerned about what she believes, but if they do, "I hope that the greens and the mac and cheese were good enough that they'll give me a second thought," Sturm laughed.