On any other day, this scene would be unremarkable: people pumping gas, going about their business.

"I'm thinking, just for the weekend, I better go and fill up," said Kim Johnson.

But when the day before looked drastically different, with gas station after gas station either brimming with customers or sold out of fuel, an open pump full of gas is something to see.

"We got a load this morning at 8 and people have been great,” said Zeena Khalaf. “They’ve been not filling up too much.”

Khalaf and her family own three DFW-area gas stations, including one at 121 and Hall Johnson in Grapevine. Like so many other stations in the area, they ran out of gas Thursday. People panicked, fearful there'd be a gas shortage due to Hurricane Harvey -- when there wasn't one.

"They all went and filled and filled and filled, all these gas stations ran out," Khalaf explains. "And the deliveries can only go as fast as they can. They can only deliver as much as they can in a day."

Gas transport companies like Groendyke told WFAA there'd been delays in getting their trucks full to go replenish those gas stations.

QuikTrip's Michael Thornbrugh told WFAA Friday that their stores should be back to normal soon.

"We're going to be able to add additional stores with fuel on a daily basis and we hope to have all the stores supplied in the near future," he said.

Things are getting back to normal at Khalaf's stations, too. Notes at the pumps tell customers: There is no shortage of gasoline, just high demand causing panic so please fill wisely.

"I was surprised," Johnson said. "I went 'Oh, there’s only a couple cars here so I'm definitely going to come in and fill up.'"

"If you don't need the gas right now, don't get it. Hold off," Khalaf said. "At the end of the day, you're buying it at a higher rate because we're getting it at a higher rate."

She, like the rest of us, hope the fuel frenzy is coming to an end.