A father was booked into the Rockwall County Jail on a $1 million bond after he was charged with purchasing or selling a child for sex. His wife and parents were also charged in connection to the case.

Steve Marks, 31, spoke with WFAA from inside the jail. He said he's accused of selling his teen for sex.

A woman he identified as his wife, 31-year-old Lila Miller, was also charged in the case. Marks' parents, Davy and Dorthy, are charged with harboring a runaway. They're held on $5,000 bond.

DPS arrested Marks on Jan. 24. The other three arrests came one day later. Authorities aren't releasing much information yet because the case is under investigation and involves a minor.

Marks said he has seven kids, ranging in age from one to 14. He said some of them, as young as 3, were taken into CPS custody months ago because they tested positive for marijuana.

He said he believes his daughter was smoking marijuana in his home with her boyfriend, and the younger children experienced second-hand smoke.

Marks claims his daughter ran away from CPS custody with her boyfriend and may have gone to Chicago. Marks said he went to look for her and alerted officers that she was in Chicago.

CPS confirms Marks has a history with them and at least three of his children have been previously removed and placed in foster care.

He said, he would never sell a child for sex.

"A person that really does that needs to be put away for the rest of their life if they do that to their child," said Marks. "I don't think a father who loves his children, fights for custody for his children. I love them, I would die for them, I have no reason to sell my children."

Authorities have not confirmed any of the details Mark gave because the case is still under investigation.