Fort Worth construction company, the Penna Group, has shared a video mockup and photos of their border wall design.

Some 600 plus companies filed initial paperwork to work on the wall, a hallmark of President Trump's campaign.

The bid deadline has passed and now the US Customs and Border Protection Agency is looking over hundreds of designs similar to the ones submitted by the Penna Group.  

The Penna Group says its two design concepts have anti-tamper, anti-climb, anti-tunneling features. Both are 30' in height and have a 6' footing.

Although 80 percent of The Penna Group's workers are Hispanic, the CEO said most of them agreed it was better to try and build a safe wall, rather than something that could be impractical or potentially dangerous.

Finalists will likely be decided during the next few months, and the government will then have those companies build prototypes before selecting a final design.