The spring calendar signifies many things for the school year, like proms and graduations. For the Sawin boys - it's baseball.

Spencer Sawin, a senior at Western Hills High School in Fort Worth, is a standout catcher for the Cougars. He's played varsity level baseball all four years and has already accepted an offer to play in college.

But he as more unfinished business in his final year besides a potential deep run in the state playoffs.

"Oh, I'm going to show 'em a couple lessons or two," Sawin said.

He's talking about his twin younger brothers Landon and Kale. Both are freshman and also have made the varsity team.

Brothers share a lot in common. But on Friday afternoon, wearing the same uniform was not one of them.

When nearby Benbrook Middle School continued to grow, Fort Worth ISD converted it into a high school as well.

So when Landon and Kale moved out of middle school, they didn't move out of Benbrook.

"So I've got twins at one school and Spencer at the other," Chris Larkin said

For self admitted baseball mom Chris Larkin, keeping it all straight can be hectic but she is thrilled to see all three of her boys on the field at the same time.

"I think they're very first love - other than me - was baseball," Larkin said. "It means everything. That is years and years of going to baseball fields and going to practices."