DALLAS -- Former Dallas Councilman Don Hill died Saturday night. Hill, convicted of corruption, was released from prison after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.

Hill was serving 18 years in prison after being found guilty of bribery and extortion, among other charges in a high-profile corruption case in 2009.

His sentence is being commuted to time served. According to a motion filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office, Hill has a life expectancy of less than 18 months. Hill was expected to live with his brother and niece in DeSoto.

The motion filed on Monday to reduce Hill’s term of imprisonment was approved in an order by U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn.

There were multiple defendants, including other city officials, in the 2009 corruption case: Sheila Farrington, Plan Commission Appointee D’Angelo Lee, activist Darren Reagan and businessman Rickey Robertson.

Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston weighed in on the commutation of Hill's sentence Wednesday afternoon on Twitter.