Some of the owners of Billy Bob’s Texas were back in court Friday, as they continue to hammer out a complicated lawsuit that’s pitting friends against friends and family against family.

The hearing Friday was to address a motion filed by the defense, which called into question the validity of the whether the lawsuit could’ve been filed in the first place.

Billy Bob’s bills itself as the largest honky-tonk in the world.

But some of the owners of the club, including current president Concho Minick, are asking a judge in civil court to appoint a receiver to help the owners work out an alleged deadlock in how to run the company.

According to the lawsuit, “Beginning in 2014, differences between the Members, which largely stemmed from personal disagreements over the future development of the Fort Worth Stockyards, began to cause significant problems.”

If the receiver is unsuccessful, Will Snyder, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, says worst case scenario, they may want to put the club up for sale.

“That is not our preference,” Snyder explains. “Our preference is to somehow obtain peace within the company, whether it’s with existing partners or with new partners, and whether that involves us or new buyers, we don’t know.”

He says it is everyone’s preference to see Billy Bob’s continue to be a Fort Worth tradition and fixture in the Stockyards for years and years to come.

Judge Mike Wallach did not rule Friday on the motion, and the lawsuit is ongoing. Defense attorney Marshall Searcy opted not to comment on camera Friday, but did ask the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. That has not happened.

The next hearing is scheduled for July 21.