The story of a one-year-old lab/retriever mix has come full circle.

Every bit of Daisy Mae's story is a miracle. On Thursday night at the SummerTree Animal and Bird Clinic, Daisy Mae and her owners were finally reunited after nine days.

"I definitely think she is a miracle dog," said Dr. Sable Murray of the clinic.

Her story started with the urgent plea from her owners to find her. Their car had wrecked off of the George Bush Turnpike and U.S. Highway 75.

Daisy, who was in the car, was missing. The Facebook post announcing her disappearance went viral. It sparked volunteers from Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue to go out and find her.

"She was not very far from the wreck at all, maybe 150 yards," said Shannon Freeman of the rescue group.

Daisy Mae was found six days later by Mutts and Mayhem, within an hour and a half of their search. When they found her, Daisy's femur was shattered in five places.

"If you would have had [any other] dog out there for six days, they wouldn't have made it," said Murray.

Her leg was too far gone to save and had to be amputated. Her spirit clearly was never failing as evidenced by Thursday's reunion. Nine days, but it felt like a lifetime for Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray.

The reunion was a tearful affair. The owners thanked everyone in the room for their help in finding and keeping Daisy safe.

Dr. Murray tells WFAA that the outpouring of support has been so great that all of the dog's expenses have been covered by the community.