Three days after a collision in Plano, the survivors are still looking for their back seat passenger, an 11-month-old white lab/retriever mix named Daisy Mae.

Trenton Ray was driving his girlfriend Erica Cruz to work, eastbound on the George Bush Turnpike as traffic slowed on the ramp to southbound 75.

"I looked in my rear view mirror, and all I saw was a big ole grill guard," said Ray. "And that's the last thing that I remember."

The big rig truck crushed the back of their car, folding the entire trunk up to the back seat where Daisy was sitting. Both Ray and Cruz were briefly knocked unconscious. When paramedics were helping the badly injured couple from the car, Daisy was gone.

"And there's no remains of her, there's nothing," said Ray. "So she got out and she's somewhere."

"She's out there somewhere, and I just want her home," Erica Cruz said.

So friends have searched the wooded areas and neighborhoods underneath the elevated off ramp. They've alerted every nearby animal shelter to be on the lookout for her. And they took their search to Facebook, hoping the people of Plano might be able to help. The City of Plano put Daisy on its Facebook page too.

But Erica's original post is getting responses from as far away as Canada and California. At the time of this report, her appeal for help had been shared more than 82,000 times.

"That dog was basically like our daughter," Trenton Ray said. "And it's just, imagine losing your child, that's basically what we're going through right now."

They admit the best they can hope for at this point is that the dog wandered away and did survive the crash and that perhaps someone took the dog in not knowing that a family is still looking.

"So we're not hoping for the worst," Ray said. "But we're hoping somebody out there may have scooped her up and can help us."

"Take her to a shelter, even the police department, fire department," Erica Cruz said. "Just return her home where she belongs."

They each have several scratches on their arms and legs, which they believe are from Daisy scrambling to escape from the damaged car.

And, they both have serious injuries. Erica is now in a brace to help heal two fractures in her back. "It could be worse. I just want my dog home," she said.

Daisy is not micro-chipped, but she was wearing a green collar outlined in blue with a blue rabies tag attached.

If you find her, please call Plano Police or contact us here at WFAA.