Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL Players Association filed a lawsuit to keep the NFL from enforcing any suspension the running back faces.

They say this process has been unfair and accused the NFL of hiding critical information in this case that would exonerate Elliott.

But, the league is firing back.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Zeke Elliott last month after a year-long investigation into an allegation of domestic abuse in Ohio.

Elliott was never arrested or charged because of lack of evidence in the case. The NFL did its own investigation and concluded Elliott had abused his girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

He has been suspended six games.

The NFL said they had listened to testimony and consulted experts before making the decision.

One of the key people Goodell did not hear from was the NFL's lead investigator Kia Roberts. She was the only investigator who actually talked to Elliott's accuser.

Roberts reportedly wrote in her report that she did not recommend suspension because there were questions about the victim's credibility.

Elliott appealed the suspension and was in New York for hearings this week. An arbitrator is supposed to rule on his appeal in the next few days. Before that could happen, Elliott and the NFL Players Association filed a federal lawsuit here in Texas to stop any kind of discipline.

In the petition filed Thursday, the players association states that Elliot's suspension "…threatens irreparable harm to his season, career, and reputation. In what may mark one of the most fundamentally unfair arbitral processes conceivable among others things there was a league orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives to hide the truth and facts."

The NFL fired back saying they're trying to create a grand conspiracy story where none exists. They also say Goodell was aware of investigator Kia Roberts opinion.

So what does this all mean?

It means while this is in the courts being hashed out, Elliott can play this season.