MADISON COUNTY, Texas - Exclusive video obtained by KAGS News shows the immediate aftermath of a Madisonville school bush crash on Oct. 21. The crash sent 18 people to the hospital. The crash happened when the bus and a car collided near Highway 75 and I45.

In the video, obtained from the Madison County Sheriff's Office, first responders can be seen taking children away in ambulances during a chaotic scene.

"The bus rolled over on its side and multiple kids scattered throughout. Some in some areas, some still trapped in the bus," said Deputy Tyler Ogle with the Madison County Sheriff's Office. At one point in the video, you can hear him talking to one of children.

With first responders on the scene and witnesses running towards it, control had to be established. That's where the Madison County Critical Incident Response Unit came in. It's made up of police, fire, medical, and sheriff's office personnel and used for large-scale emergencies.

"It was instantly set up on a command operations center," said Madison County Sheriff Travis Neeley. "They began to assess the situation and request the assets and resources that were needed."

As it turns out, it was the Incident Response Unit's first time to be deployed. First responders were able to get victims to vital care, saving time and possibly even lives.

"I can't say enough between all the entities working together and coming together as one to get multiple patients in the ambulances," said Ogle."

As for future responses?

"In that particular type of incident, next time, we'll be ready for it," said Sheriff Neeley.

Madisonville CISD says one student is still in the hospital for their injuries.

DPS says the accident appears to have been caused by the driver of a passenger car not yielding to the bus at the intersection.