DALLAS -- No matter how bad morning rush hour might be, violating laws concerning school buses could be particularly costly this week.

Department of Public Safety troopers will be following closely by where Dallas County Schools buses pick up and drop off, watching for motorists who might be putting students in danger.

DCS said they are coming down hard on all dangerous activity surrounding school buses for National School Bus Safety Week.

Part of that crackdown includes releasing a “Hall of Shame” of onboard videos from school buses showing cars and trucks drive past the bus stop-arm.

A stop-arm violation is $300 and other violations of school bus laws could see fines top $1200

According to DCS, cameras on-board the bus show drivers running by stop-arms at least 400 times a day in the county.

Recent steps by DCS have sent a message about their intolerance for violations including a Public Service Announcement and firing 13 of their own bus drivers earlier this month.

Since installing the bus cameras three years ago, Dallas County Schools said they have seen a 35% reduction in stop-arm violations.