LANCASTER -- More than 30 animals were rescued Friday after they were found living in deplorable conditions, according to the SPCA of Texas. 

The animals, 17 dogs and 15 puppies, were sent to the SPCA of Texas Animal Rescue Center. They will undergo medical examination until a custody hearing takes place.

SPCA said many of the animals appeared to have health issues, which included flea infestation, hair loss, skin sores. Others experienced life-threatening medical issues. 

The animals were found living in a urine-soaked, feces-filled house on the property at an undisclosed location. Others were found outside, one chained to a tree. Several were kept in a garage on the property in kennels.

The Lancaster Police Department visited the property Friday morning in response to another investigation and found the animals living in cruel confinement. That's when officials obtained a seize warrant to rescue the animals.

The custody hearing is scheduled on Tuesday, April 18 at 10 a.m. at the Dallas County Government Center Precinct 1 in Place 2 courthouse.