Nobody likes an uninvited house guest, especially when they have black and yellow stripes and a stinger on their behinds.

"I'm not going lie, it’s a little unnerving," said Elena Johnson.

Johnson doesn't go anywhere these days without her can of Raid and pink fly swatter; wasps are back inside her Flower Mound home.

And if you think the dead wasps on her window sill and in her fireplace are bad, you should see what it looked like last November, after dozens of wasps flew out of her fireplace.

"Oh, like instead of 'The Birds' it was 'The Wasps,'" she laughed, referencing the Alfred Hitchcock classic. "It was terrifying. I screamed like a girl in a bad horror movie."

Wasps are indeed keeping companies like "DANCAN The Pest Control Expert" busier than, well, bees lately.

"It's wasp season," said owner Daniel Naseath.

Naseath said the wasp population is especially high this year. He believes it's because of a warm winter last year which brought about more mosquitoes. And with more mosquitoes around, there are now more wasps to eat them.

He said the warm temperature spike this week gave wasps just the opportunity they needed to fly around and find a perfect place to nest for the winter.

"Some people have had up to 30 wasps a day flying around in their home," he said, adding the majority of their service calls this week were for wasps.

Naseath urges people to shut their chimney flues and plug up cracks in their homes because wasps will use any avenue they can to find the warmth. He also adds that using fragrance inside your home may lure wasps inside as they search for nectar.

Johnson is finding comfort in her neighborhood Facebook page, where people have been sharing their wasp woes.

"Somebody says 'Yes, they're swarming my house, they're coming through the chimney,'" she said.

She'll continue clutching her Raid until winter truly arrives.

Here’s something else that may keep you awake at night: Naseath said despite the current wasp inundation, the number one pest problem they're seeing right now in this area are rats.