Customers who depend on Amazon to get what they need to their front doors were surprised over the weekend to find their packages dumped.

Some 66 packages were found abandoned in a Justin neighborhood Sunday morning, some in dirt fields and others tossed in a ditch.

"I probably found about 50 boxes just lying in a dirt field," said Matt Ellis, who was expecting a delivery of his own.

Ellis said his package was marked as delivered Saturday night by an Amazon driver, but it certainly wasn't at his house.

"I never got anybody that even came to the doorstep," he said.

When Ellis and other neighbors found the packages, they posted a notice to Facebook and called Justin Police. Together, an officer and community members gathered the boxes and delivered them where they belonged. They do not think this was an accident.

"It appeared that some of them might have been placed that way," said Lt. Scott Davis with Justin Police. "We can't be sure right now."

Police got in touch with Amazon, whose loss prevention division will handle the investigation and any punishment. Davis said he does not expect there to be any charges in the case.

"It kind of makes you wonder who Amazon's hiring, what kind of interview process they go through," said Ellis.

Amazon released a statement to WFAA saying, "This does not reflect the high standards we have for those delivering packages and we will address this with our delivery service provider. We appreciate the assistance of the local police to help get the packages to customers."

Justin Police said all the packages that were destined for Justin residents were delivered. A handful of packages that were addressed to Argyle residents are still being held at the station until the department can reach the owners or Amazon can pick them up.