DALLAS (WFAA) -- Back in 1982, Frank Campagna opened his first art studio in Deep Ellum. Over the years, he has seen the fortunes of the area rise and fall.

“The first time Deep Ellum came out of the ashes was 1986, 87, 88,” he recalled. “Then in the mid to late 90’s, it started to go down. I think a lot of the trendy people got scared off.”

He said the neighborhood seems to ride the wave of development in the area and saw its most recent resurgence around 2010. However, as the neighborhood goes, seemingly, so does the crime.

That is why a recent series of robberies and one sexual assault are so concerning.

“I find it disheartening that crime is up again,” said Campagna.

In a news conference earlier in the week, Dallas Police Department said keeping the entertainment districts is very important. Saturday night, extra officers were patrolling Deep Ellum while the Deep Ellum Foundation hired additional off-duty security. The Guardian Angels Dallas Chapter also vowed to be in the area.

Two officers on foot were very visible Saturday afternoon as they walked along a stretch of road shut down for street vendors.

“I think because of what happened, (the officers) make me feel more safe,” said passerby Jennifer Ramsey. “I do want to see their presence if there is going to be a danger.”

Surveillance video released by DPD shows two men they say match the description given by the victims of the crime. DART Police are also working with DPD after police said recent crime suspects have been seen near the DART Rail platforms trying to board trains.

The Deep Ellum Foundation has asked visitors to travel in groups of three when possible. That warning was first made a series of muggings in August.