On Sunday April 9, activists and community leaders across North Texas will lead the Dallas Mega March 2017 in downtown Dallas.

March organizers had a final planning meeting Monday evening and are expected to provide details on march route and logistics Tuesday.

"Organizers are calling for real immigration reform and an end to aggressive deportation efforts that have separated families, targeted DACA students and left our communities in fear," according to the website.

The theme of the march centers around family, unity and empowerment.

Domingo Garcia, an organizer, said the event is a peaceful march. "This is a march where we are asking everyone to only wear red, white and blue, for the American flag. To only bring American flags, because this is really about America’s values," Garcia said. 

A diverse line up of entertainers and speakers will address the crowd. Scheduled speakers include Martin Luther King, III, actors Jamie Fox and Danny Glover, faith leaders, dreamers, and several local and nationally known elected officials.

Hundreds of police, constables and deputies will also be present making sure the crowd is safe.

”We’re telling people not to bring any weapons. Not to bring any poles or two-by-fours with banners or flags, because we want to avoid any conflict, Garcia said. 

Those taking part in the march are asked to wear American flags and wear patriotic colors in solidarity.

"We are calling for an end to executive orders that have discriminated against our Muslim brothers and sisters based on their faith.  We are calling for an end to hate crimes and hate speech that have increased since the election, and we want to join together and send a message that hate has no place in our nation," the site states.

Marchers plan to start at Guadalupe Cathedral 2215 Ross Ave. Dallas 75201 and end at Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla Street.

The last march of this kind also took place in 2006; it is estimated that almost 500,000 marchers attended walking 1.3 miles for a total of 4 hours.

According to the website, guest speakers include Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, Martin Luther King III, Julian Castro and a number of other local and state officials.

A Facebook event shows almost 8,000 people are interested in attending this event.

To get more information on transportation options to the event, click here.

As a result of the Mega March, several DART routes will be affected. Be sure to check your route ahead of time.