DALLAS -- Of their 58 stations in the city, Dallas Fire-Rescue says 19 would not pass National Fire Protection Association standards.

In a presentation prepared for the Public Safety Committee, the department is recommending $220 million in station improvements to be included in the city’s 2017 bond program.

The 19 stations falling short of standards and in need of replacement are more than 50 years old, according to the department. Those stations suffer from problems such as space limitations, structural and infrastructural deterioration, and traffic situations which could affect response time.

Station #4 located downtown on Akard Street was built in 1951. Present day traffic on Akard makes it difficult to maneuver fire engines in and out of the stations.

Along with insufficient parking and foundation problems, the department estimates it will require $10.8 million to replace Station #4 alone.

Replacing all 19 stations would cost approximately $175 million, according to the department’s presentation. Four new fire stations and upgrades at the training center would account for the remainder of the $220 million that Dallas Fire-Rescue is recommending for 2017 bonds.

Since 1991, the city has replaced 14 stations total, built four new stations, and expanded one.

That last bond program including station improvements came in 2006 when five stations were replaced, one was expanded, and one was built new.

In the presentation, Dallas Fire-Rescue does prioritize which stations need replacement the most.