Daniel King said he never imagined a night at an Uptown bar would lead to one of the worst nights of his life. He met this woman and brought her to his apartment at the W.

"She made drinks. We sat down at my table, and we were talking. Quite honestly, there is not a whole lot I remember after that,” said King.

Police believe he was drugged and then passed out for several hours.

While he was unconscious, the woman ransacked his apartment and even stole his 9-week-old puppy Daisy. Police released surveillance video of the woman leaving with the puppy.

"It’s just the fear that I am never going to see her again or I am going to find out she did something to her,” said King.

Daniel may not be able alone. Police are looking into at least four other cases of men they think may have been drugged and robbed by the same woman.

They say she goes by different names and has piercing green eyes. Daniel said the woman seemed like a nice person, but said he regrets trusting her.

“It was my mistake, my judgment in error that put me in a situation that put her in this situation,” said King.

Daniel said his pets are like his family and is begging the suspect to do the right thing.

“Please bring me my dog back, give my dog to someone that can get it to me. I don't care about anything else," he said.

Dallas Police said if you have any information please contact them or Crime Stoppers.