DALLAS – There is a lot of work happening in the community of Joppa. Dallas area Habitat for Humanity is working on several lots along Fellows Lane. Organizers say by the weekend, 15 brand new homes will be standing in that area.

The historic community of Joppa is a tight-knit place. Neighbors say the small Freedman’s area of southern Dallas has seen its fair share of neglect over the years. The community is trying to bounce back. Dallas area Habitat for Humanity has been part of that effort.

The organization is bringing about 2,000 volunteers into Joppa this week. The group will build 15 homes in just five days. The project is called Blitz Build 2017.

”A lot of people don’t know about this neighborhood,” said Jim Campbell the Blitz Build Project Manager. “It’s really a jewel that we are hoping more people know about.”

Campbell says the volunteers working on the homes, this week are building two floor plans. The Hickory model has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a single car garage. The Willow is a smaller floor plan. Eight of those models are being built during this Blitz.

Neighbors are excited families moving in the new homes will be on hand to put in some sweat equity.

Pastor Reginald Edmonson leads Christian Missionary Baptist Church in Joppa. He believes the development could bring more opportunities to the area.

Edmonson explained, ”There’s a great need, and we need to build in order that people’s lives may be brought back together again.”

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity has been working in Joppa for 10 years. Workers say they build 100 homes and renovated 50 others in that time.

The kick-off for Build Blitz 2017 begins 7:30 a.m., Tuesday, October 24.