An Uber driver in Dallas is getting behind the wheel to help out with hurricane relief efforts in Cuba.

Andrew Szabo, an author, started driving for Uber about two months ago. He’s writing a book about customer service and thought Uber would be the best place to interact with people.

“It started out with me driving for research,” Szabo said. “Now it’s evolved into helping out the Cuban people.”

Right now, Szabo is putting all his tips and gratuities towards a trip to Cuba early next year.

Szabo has been to the country before to aid rural villages. “We pack suitcases with whatever we can to help, like clothing and toiletries,” he said.

“One time we took bicycles, which are incredibly helpful with transportation since not a lot of people can afford to drive.”

In September, Hurricane Irma devastated the country. Szabo says the people there still need help, considering many large U.S. charities have had trouble streamlining relief efforts into the closed-off society.

“Things aren’t easy in Cuba, it’s not like other islands in the Caribbean,” Szabo said.

Every dollar Szabo collects will help him buy supplies for areas hit hardest by the hurricane. He’ll pack those supplies into suitcases, like he’s done in the past, and hand them out to those who need it most on the trip.

Up to 11 other people will likely join Szabo on the trip and will be bringing supplies with them.

“The average wage in Cuba is about $25 a month, can you imagine that? Just taking simple things like toothbrushes and toiletries—that means so much to them,” Szabo said.

So, if you get an Uber in the metro, and Szabo pulls up—know that anything extra you give could help change someone’s life.

“Service is my passion, so that’s part of the reward—I’m living out my purpose,” Szabo said.

Since you can’t request specific Uber drivers, you can reach out to Szabo on Facebook if you’d like to donate to his trip.