DALLAS – Some neighbors at Tschannen Estates in Pleasant Grove say they have been living without gas service in their homes for nearly two weeks.

“Basically in this whole side of the apartment complex, there is no gas on at all,” said Henry Edwards as he explained tenants’ frustrations.

Families say they have been living without gas for cooking and no hot water for nearly two weeks.

“We can’t get a bath,” Mary Cleveland said. “We have to go other places to take a bath.”

Neighbors claim they were told the problem stems from some type of gas leak and plumbing problems in the complex. Some tenants say they have been warming water in the microwave for bathing. Others are buying take-out food and hot plates just to keep their children fed.

"It’s very frustrating,” said April Palos.

These resident complaints came to a head during a city-sponsored community meeting at the complex on Monday. Councilmember Tiffinni Young said tenants gave her a petition against the property, and pleaded for her to step in. Not only about the gas issue, but also to investigate ongoing Code concerns.

“There are all kinds of issues on this petition, I’ve heard allegations of mold and mildew. Leaky ceilings, raw sewage in homes. Fire hazards," Young said.

Young spent Tuesday morning checking out some tenants’ units first-hand.

One man complained maintenance delivered an old and stained stove to his apartment. It was supposed to be a replacement stove, he said. That’s not it.

“I asked for a new refrigerator,” the man complained. “It’s leaking.”

Young documented some of the issues she observed. She said she is asking city agencies to properly investigate and follow-up.

”We are trying to understand when the help is going to come,” Young said. “When will citizens get relief? This is just unacceptable to have people living with no gas, and that’s their primary source for cooking.”

Dawn Waye, a representative from City Gate Property Group, which manages the complex, says there are no code issues on the complex.

When asked about the ongoing gas concerns, Waye said, “This is not a great situation, but they are doing the best they can.”

The property management representative explained the gas problem affects half the complex. Waye says contractors have been changing out every single gas valve and regulators on the buildings.

She expects the gas issue will resolve over the next 24 to 48 hours. Waye says the staff is waiting on the City of Dallas to inspect the contractor’s work. Atmos will restore gas service upon inspection.

“I don’t believe it,” said Cleveland.

Some tenants say they have been hearing too many excuses and timelines.

Councilmember Young visited several tenants and left them with resources to different city departments and agencies. Moving forward, Young says she is urging city departments to investigate and follow-up on the tenants’ concerns.