Tiphannie Clements says she'll never approach severe weather season the same way and she wants others to learn from her story.

"If one person can watch this that's worth it," Clements said.

Last month, straight-line winds tore her home apart. The Rockwall mother said she could see and hear the roof being torn off above her as she clung to her 10-year-old son Dylan in his bedroom.

"I will never live anywhere that doesn't have a storm shelter again," Clements said. "If that means skipping a vacation or another expense it's worth it for everyone."

While Clements is looking into big changes like installing a storm shelter when her home is rebuilt, she's also looking into smaller changes and ways to be prepared.

"It's as simple as having a change of clothes ready to go," she said. "When you wake up in the middle of the night you're not ready."

She's applauding a new tax holiday that starts and ends this weekend for families across Texas. Many storm preparedness items will be tax free through Sunday. The items range from batteries to generators and you can check a full list of what is covered here.

Storm shelters don't appear to be covered on the tax free list but Clements says the holiday is a great idea and a great way to get people talking about having a plan.

"I always know where everything is, but you don't have time to grab necessities when the storm is there," Clements said.

Right now, she and her family are staying with a friend, but she's taking her new passion for preparedness to them as well.

"We've got our kit ready to go," Clements said. "My friends are on this journey along with me."

While returning to her home was tough, Tiphannie said it's worth it if just one person listens to her warning and takes preparedness seriously this weekend and beyond.