It's a good thing Dallas broadcaster Devin Pike likes to talk, because he'll try to do it for 36 hours straight on Friday.

"36 hours to fight cancer!" Pike said as he helped prepare an old radio studio that will be home base for his broadcast.

Pike decided to host the marathon program, "WHO NEEDS SLEEP," to help raise money and awareness for Cancer Support Community North Texas and Cook Children's Hospital. I

t will stream live online at

He uses his voice every day as a broadcaster, voiceover artist, and a fixture at Comic Cons and other events across Dallas and around the country.

It's a voice he doesn't take for granted.

Pike was diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in 1994 when he was just 23 years old.

"I was in my mid 20s, I was bulletproof, I was immortal," he recalled.

He underwent treatment at a Dallas hospital and beat it. He'd been in remission for decades until earlier this year, when he started having shortness of breath and coughing spasms.

The same tumor was back.

Pike said the geek community rallied around him, raising money and supporting him through his treatment. He began treatment in May and had his final treatment earlier this month. While he's not cancer-free, he said he's optimistic that it's under control.

Pike's voice is now ready to take on the 36-hour challenge. He's got special guests lined up and a team of other broadcasters and podcasters who will help step in when he needs a break, many of whom stood by his side during cancer treatment.

"Being able to close out the year with them, it means a lot," Pike said.