DALLAS -- Five hundred and sixty feet above Dallas, work is underway for one of the biggest fireworks shows the city will see.

Mike Cartolano, 26, is carrying on the family business. His Indiana based company, Melrose Pyrotechnics, is tasked with carefully rigging Reunion tower with some four thousands fireworks ready to ring in the new year.

"On the very end of it, you have the fireworks devices themselves. They're wired back into the two silver boxes on the back of the strut, which are the modules -- every device gets a special address and our computer system goes out and finds the address it wants to fire and shoots it," Cartolano said.

The show itself takes months of planning about five days on sight to set up. If everything goes well, the whole thing is up in smokes in about ten minutes.

It's one of the brightest and one of the newest traditions for North Texas.

"They're wasn't anything happening on New Year's Eve in the last couple of years, and we thought this is a great new tradition to bring to the City of Dallas for families to look at from anywhere you can see it in Dallas," said Dusti Groskrewtz the President of Reunion Tower

Cartolano and his team of seven are involved in the process from the ground up, from ordering the fireworks to even composing the music behind the performance.

"For every four seconds of show, it takes about 150 man hours," Groskrewtz said.

It's all painstakingly planned and carefully constructed, all so that when the clock hits midnight, they only focus is ringing in the new year.

"It's kind of like an adrenaline rush, similar to a performer would get when he goes on stage. You're kind of, the anticipation builds and as soon as that first shot goes off, you're kind of blown away by the colors the music and everything," Cartolano said.

A show they hope goes off without a hitch.

"I'm looking forward to a really good fireworks show, and I really hope that people enjoy it," Cartolano said.