DALLAS -- At 67-years-old, Linda Sanders is learning to live a life outside of law enforcement.

"I had a bond with the employees and with the officers. They were like my extended family, and they still are," Sanders said.

Sanders recently retired after a 30-year career with the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, a career she spent as a detention service officer.

This week, her heart is with the families of fallen officers. On Tuesday morning. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott honored fallen officers at a ceremony at the state capital. Five of those officers were killed during an ambush on police officers in downtown Dallas in July.

"How could this happen when they were there serving the people, trying to protect the people," Sanders said from her home in Forney.

The events of July inspired Sanders to write a poem called, "Officers of Strength."

"On July 7, as it began to get late. A Sniper stood high, to take his place," Sanders read aloud.

She hopes these words reach the family members of police officers killed in the line of duty.

"These Officers were not afraid of anything, But showed courage in the midst of their fear, They kept on protecting us, with every blood, shed and tear," Sanders continued.

It's a poem that chronicles that deadly ambush in July. She hopes that people listening will put politics aside and reflect on the lives lost.

"This is a chance for them to see the big picture that a change needs to be mad, and it needs to be made, not two or three years from now, but right now," Sanders said.

Sanders says she plans to attend when the City of Dallas holds a memorial service of its own Wednesday night.